Strategic Insights Resources

Strategic Insights Resources


One of the key roles of our Heligan Strategic Insights (HSI) team is to look beyond the technology and investment opportunities of today, instead focusing towards the future to create understanding, knowledge resources and investment decision support in our specialist sectors.


As such, we have created an extensive library of materials covering the latest technological trends, capability deployments, threat analyses and legislative changes that will have an impact on future critical markets both here in the UK and globally. 

Our content includes a large number of short, two-page commentaries we call Primers that offer up views and insights on technologies of interest, introductions to the apparatus of the government, and analysis of the threat picture affecting the UK and the wider global community. In addition, we produce longer, more in-depth reports called Spotlights. Our Spotlight reports offer deeper dives into often opaque areas of government, their emerging needs and associated market analyses and are must-reads for anyone wanting to gain insight and understanding of the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors.

Resource Library

Our HSI team creates materials covering the latest technological trends, threat analysis and legislative changes that impact on National Security and Crime Prevention here in the UK and globally. They also offer deeper dives into often opaque areas of government and their emerging needs and market analysis into key areas of opportunity.

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Strategic Insights news & blogs

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October 2023
Upcoming Spotlight report from Heligan Strategic Insights

In early November 2023, Heligan will be releasing its latest Spotlight report that takes a critical look at a post-conflict Ukraine and assesses eight key areas it will need to successfully address as it emerges from its brutal war with Russia.

October 2023
Warning from Lloyd's of London: Major Cyberattacks Could Cost Global Economy $3.5 Trillion in GDP Over 5 Years

Lloyd's of London's recent warning about a potential $3.5 trillion drop in global GDP over five years due to a major cyberattack on payment systems underscores the growing threat of AI-assisted network attacks, with the United States, China, and Japan identified as the most vulnerable nations.

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