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Seeing the world in context

Heligan Strategic Insights (HSI) equips all Heligan divisions with crucial intelligence, shaping smarter, strategic decisions across the business. Their role extends beyond research; actively contributing to success through sector expertise, network access, and strategic guidance.

HSI leverages a global network of advisors with deep expertise in National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety to deliver unparalleled insights. They combine an understanding of government and private sector dynamics, providing Heligan with a unique perspective that spans operational experience and industry-specific skills. Through their comprehensive knowledge, HSI supports our strategic and operational initiatives, enhancing our investment processes and Corporate Finance operations with essential intelligence and market analysis.

Unrivalled knowledge

The impact of our HSI team is boosted by a highly respected network of global advisors, each an expert in areas critical to National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety. This extensive reach allows us to gather and analyse data from around the world, offering insights that are both comprehensive and precise.

Our team's in-depth understanding of both governmental goals and the private sector landscape - spanning from established enterprises to innovative startups - enables HSI to deliver unmatched strategic guidance. Together, our collective expertise forms a solid foundation of operational knowledge and sector-specific acumen, setting HSI apart in the field.


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Resource library

Heligan Strategic Insights produces comprehensive materials that analyse the latest trends, threats, and developments affecting National Security, Crime Prevention, and Public Safety, both in the UK and worldwide. Additionally, we provide in-depth analysis of less transparent aspects of government operations and their evolving requirements, with detailed analysis that identifies and explains key areas of opportunity, offering you a clearer understanding of the landscape and helping you navigate it with confidence.

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Intelligent investments

HSI is seamlessly integrated into each investment, providing crucial intelligence, in-depth sector knowledge, and expansive networks. This combination opens doors to new customers and buyers, enhancing the value and reach of each transaction. 

Our strategic and operational insights are hands-on; we're involved in specific projects and often hold board positions within portfolio companies. This direct engagement allows us to guide and influence significant business decisions, enhancing outcomes for all stakeholders.


Advising the advisors

HSI works closely with Heligan Corporate Finance to equip our analysts, associates, and directors with cutting-edge intelligence and insights. This collaboration ensures our advice to clients is based on the most current and comprehensive information available. 

Together, we develop the technical tools and capabilities needed to keep Heligan at the forefront of the industry. Our joint efforts ensure that our teams are well-prepared to handle the complexities of modern transactions in buying and selling businesses.

Market analysis

HSI produces detailed market analyses and research reports by integrating knowledge from across our global network. These insights are crucial for presenting our capabilities to vendors and play a strategic role in all corporate interactions. 

Our established sector matrix, derived from years of expertise and extensive networking, informs the Heligan Group's investment strategy. This structure not only enriches our Corporate Finance division but also guides our approach to identifying and capitalising on emerging technologies, market demands, and geopolitical trends


HSI drives value for portfolio companies by:

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Broadening horizons: We enhance your company's operations, extending your reach to new customers and markets, supporting your growth every step of the way.

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Opening doors: Acting as a gateway, we connect you with potential buyers and customers, strategically positioning your business ahead of exit processes.

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Navigating exits: Our extensive research and insights prepare your company for exit, creating competition among bidders to maximise your valuation, even if the first offer doesn’t close the deal.

Our team

Our team's collective achievements span hundreds of years across a range of sectors, providing a solid foundation for our capacity to deliver clear, precise, and invaluable intelligence-driven financial services.


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