Empowering a safer future

Heligan Group leverages deep insights in Investments, Corporate Finance and Wealth Management to offer perspectives that go beyond the ordinary. 

Anchored in the core values of collaboration, trust, and integrity, we pride ourselves on our commitment to long-term relationships, built on mutual understanding and shared goals.

We go beyond being just a financial institution; we serve as your trusted advisors and confidants, committed to understanding your ambitions and tailoring strategies that exceed expectations. Our approach is underpinned by our globally recognised advisory panel, which includes distinguished figures from the fields of technology, law enforcement, military, and intelligence.

Our drive is fuelled by an unwavering commitment to global safety and progress. By advising and investing in disruptive technology firms, we aim to blend profitability with a higher purpose, contributing to a safer, more secure world for all.


Our focus

National Security

We understand that governments rely on technology to fulfil their essential roles in defending the nation-state, its economy, and our collective way of life from significant threats.

Crime Prevention

We recognise the crucial role of technology companies in enabling governments and businesses to deter, disrupt, and detect criminal activities.

Public Safety

We are committed to investing in technologies that help governments and businesses protect individuals, infrastructure, and assets from risks to their safety, security, and reputation.

We see significant potential in dual-use technologies that enhance security for public and private sectors, driving the development of solutions that protect communities and empower businesses to enhance their security measures. 

Our guiding principles

Choosing Heligan Group as your partner means aligning with our core principles that underscore every aspect of our work:

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Collaborative, client-focused outcomes

We prioritise working closely with you to achieve outcomes that meet your unique needs and aspirations.

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Attentive listening and understanding

We take the time to truly listen and comprehend not only where you aim to reach but also your preferred path to get there.

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Long-term strategic relationships

We believe in fostering strategic partnerships with our clients, cultivating a relationship built on trust, mutual understanding, and shared objectives.

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Expert advisor and critical friend

We blend the role of an expert advisor with that of a trusted confidant, empowering and sustaining your success.

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Acting with integrity, trust, and respect

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that our actions are trustworthy and respectful in all interactions.

These guiding principles not only shape our approach but also provide you with assurance that your interests are at the heart of our work, and your success is our priority.

Our history

Heligan Group

Founded by Dr. Tim Grasby, Heligan Group emerged with a vision to create a unique holistic service offering, underpinned by values of integrity & client service.


Keith Bristow joined the business, honing our focus on National Security, Crime Prevention & Public Safety.


Significant growth experienced & we welcomed four partners to lead the Corporate Finance & Wealth Management divisions.


Strategic direct investments in technology-driven firms Arquebus Solutions, Projectina & Pandora Intelligence. Partnership with Hay Hill Wealth Management, enhancing our provision to high-net-worth individuals.


Launched our first Private Equity fund from Jersey, targeting Science & Technology in our core sectors. Invested in Interrupt Labs, Landguard Systems & CCL Solutions Group.


Opened new Birmingham & London offices and saw substantial growth in our Corporate Finance & Investments teams. Nominated for six industry awards, reflecting our expanding impact.


Heligan Investments milestone event sees successful first fund close. Heligan Capital Partners LLP established in the UAE with two new partners. Hay Hill Wealth Management became part of Heligan Group & renamed Heligan Wealth Management. Heligan Group became an active supporter of Birmingham Hippodrome and their charitable activities.

Our team

Our team's collective achievements span hundreds of years across a range of sectors, providing a solid foundation for our capacity to deliver clear, precise, and invaluable intelligence-driven financial services. 

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