Debt financing expertise

Our extensive network and deep expertise allow us to craft innovative financing solutions for businesses across various sectors.

The lending landscape is vast and fluid, offering numerous options for borrowers big and small. Whether you're a corporate entity or a private equity partner, navigating this market effectively requires strategic insight to connect with the right lenders and structure the optimal capital setup for your specific needs.

Our dedicated in-house debt advisory team draws on substantial direct lending experience from previous roles in both traditional banks and alternative lending environments. This positions us uniquely to understand how lenders will view your financing needs, guiding you seamlessly through every stage of the transaction and advising you on market norms.

Our approach

Our team maintains direct relationships across the entire lending community, blending extensive operational experience with robust financial modelling capabilities. This unique combination enables us to effectively present your financing needs to carefully selected lenders.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge to offer a comprehensive array of options tailored to your specific circumstances. Whether you're looking to refinance existing debt, secure funding for growth or acquisitions, or renegotiate terms to restructure your balance sheet, our approach is designed to align with your strategic financial goals.


Debt financing FAQs: Your questions answered

  • What debt options are available to me?

    We offer a comprehensive range of debt solutions tailored to your needs, whether you’re experiencing growth, financing an acquisition, or restructuring shareholder equity. Our options include secured asset solutions, working capital facilities, and unsecured cash-flow loans. With direct relationships with a wide spectrum of lenders - from major banks to alternative debt funds - we ensure you're matched with the best provider for your objectives.

  • How do I know I'm getting the best deal from a lender?

    Our team's first-hand lending experience and strong market connections provide us with unique insights into securing favourable terms. We leverage our understanding of the debt market to ensure the financial package we secure aligns with both your immediate needs and long-term goals.

  • How can Heligan help me prepare for debt?

    Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your business and market to ensure your financing request resonates with potential lenders. We prepare detailed proposals and financial models to negotiate favourable terms and introduce you to suitable, well-vetted lenders, managing the process from start to finish.

  • What are debt covenants?

    Debt covenants are terms set by lenders to ensure borrowers maintain certain business practices, which help secure loan repayment. These can be obligations you must meet or actions you must avoid. Our role is to negotiate covenants that are fair and maintainable, providing confidence to both you and the lender.

  • What happens if I trigger a covenant breach?

    If a covenant breach occurs, the resolution will depend on your relationship with the lender. Ideally, issues are resolved through partnership discussions to address and remedy the situation. However, if challenges arise, we stand ready to assist in negotiations, manage any surprises, and, if necessary, help you transition to an alternative lender swiftly.

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