Innovative solutions supported by extensive experience and networks

Innovative solutions supported by extensive experience and networks

Raising debt

We have a wealth of experience in supporting businesses to identify and deliver innovative financing packages across a broad range of sectors.


Lending markets are extensive and extremely liquid, with many options for borrowers of all sizes. Whether you are a corporate or private equity partner you need to navigate this market in a smart and informed way to focus on the right lenders and access the best capital structure for your situation.

We have an in-house debt advisory team that has direct lending experience from prior operational roles in banks and alternative lenders. We are exceptionally well placed to provide you with a view on how lenders may look at your opportunity and guide you through the transaction from start to finish, including advising you on market norms. 

Our approach

Our team has direct relationships with the full spectrum of the lending community. We combine our operational lending experience with our in-house financial modelling capability and our commercial approach to presenting businesses for sale to market your opportunity to a set of well-vetted and well-educated lenders. 

Our extensive experience enables us to provide you with a detailed set of options that suit your situation best.

Our services include refinancing existing debt, raising debt to provide growth or acquisition funding, and renegotiation of existing facilities to restructure balance sheets. 

                    Our approach

Raising debt FAQs

  • What debt options are available to me?  iconWhat debt options are available to me?

    There are a wide range of options available to companies that may be experiencing growth, looking to finance an acquisition, or wanting to restructure its shareholder base. These debt options can range from specific secured asset solutions and working capital facilities, to unsecured cash-flow loans. We are able to provide advice across the spectrum of options to best suit your specific situation and stage of growth. We have direct relationships with a broad range of lenders from high street banks to alternative debt funds. We will match you to the optimum provider to suit your desired capital structure and objectives. 

  • How do I know I'm getting the best deal from a lender? iconHow do I know I'm getting the best deal from a lender?

    Our team's experience of being lenders themselves combined with our direct relationships with key market players means we have unrivalled insight into what “good” looks like. Our deep level of debt market knowledge allows us to advise you on the best package to suit your immediate and longer term ambitions.

  • How can Heligan help me? iconHow can Heligan help me?

    We take a detailed approach to preparing our clients for debt. This includes taking time to fully understand your business and market in detail so that we can ensure the proposition resonates strongly with lenders and when it comes to modelling, all potential risks have been considered. 

    We prepare detailed briefing documents on the opportunity in conjunction with fully integrated financial models that enable us to negotiate the most appropriate covenant positions with a lender.

    We will also introduce you to, and run the process with, a set of well-vetted lenders suitable for your transaction. 

  • What are debt covenants? iconWhat are debt covenants?

    Debt covenants are restrictions that lenders usually include within a loan deal. Covenants can be positive (something you are obligated to do) or negative (something you must not do). Lenders typically use debt covenants as a means of ensuring that a borrower maintains their business in a way that will make the loan payment most likely. Our role is to provide you and the lender with confidence that covenants have been set at the appropriate level. 

  • What happens if I trigger a covenant breach? iconWhat happens if I trigger a covenant breach?

    Lenders will have various ways of resolving a covenant breach with you. Resolution often depends on the lender and the borrower's relationship. In a good outcome, the lender and borrower sit down together as partners to try to understand the problem and figure out how to resolve it. If the lender is not so accommodating, they may declare default on the loan and in the worst case demand repayment. We can support you in these discussions to make sure that there are no surprises and if appropriate support you to refinance the existing lender to an alternative provider quickly.

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