Selling your business

When it is time to consider selling your business, either wholly or partially, the importance of choosing an advisor who combines experience with proven expertise cannot be overstated. 

We understand that selling your business is a defining moment. It's crucial to have a corporate finance advisor who not only recognises the intricacies of your business and your goals, but also prioritises your best interests. We can often play dual roles as both advisor and confidant during the transaction process.

Our approach is to guide you towards a selling strategy that not only maximises value and ensures transaction certainty but does so with discretion and precision. The sales process might explore various options, including:

- Trade sales
- Private equity sales
- Management buy-outs
- Employee ownership trusts

Every business and transaction is unique. Leveraging years of specialist experience, we advise on and execute the optimal exit strategy tailored to your situation, bringing you the peace of mind you need for such a pivotal step.

How our process works:


Understanding your goals & exploring options

First, we listen to your specific objectives, offering insights into your business's valuation and marketability. Tailoring our approach, we design and implement a bespoke process aimed at achieving your targets.


Preparing your business for sale

We go the extra mile in preparing businesses for sale and diligence. Working in close partnership, we create clear, comprehensive financial information packs and compelling sales presentations that highlight your business's unique value proposition to potential buyers.


Identifying the right buyers

Leveraging our technological capabilities and people-first approach, our dedicated research team and expansive networks come into play to pinpoint strategic, credible buyers for your business.


Engaging with potential buyers

We reach out to potential buyers directly, piquing their interest in your opportunity while upholding the utmost discretion and professionalism. Our process includes ensuring all parties agree to strict confidentiality principles.


Negotiating offers

Creating competitive tension is our forte. We elicit bids and negotiate terms to secure and elevate your advantage. Understanding the mindset of buyers and the details of value creation, we're committed to optimising your position.


Due diligence and project management

We take charge of the diligence process, coordinating with all advisors to keep things moving smoothly. Our team supports you from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and successful transaction.

Selling your business FAQs: Your questions answered

  • What is my business worth?

    Valuing a business is both an art and a science. We integrate technical expertise with commercial acumen and a deep understanding of value drivers. By benchmarking against similar transactions and comparable companies, and fully understanding your business's unique journey and potential, we provide a realistic, informed valuation as a foundation for your sale process.

  • Who will buy my business?

    Identifying the right buyer begins with understanding what adds value to your business. From customers and suppliers to competitors and companies in adjacent markets, we analyse who is most likely to see value in what you offer. Leveraging our extensive network and sophisticated research tools, we confidently approach a carefully selected list of motivated buyers on your behalf.

  • How do I ensure I get the best value?

    Maximising your business’s value involves sparking interest among strategically motivated buyers to create competitive tension. We excel in showcasing your business’s strengths and potential synergies, ensuring it appeals to buyers right from the start. Throughout the process, we guard against any attempts to reduce the price, ensuring the terms agreed upon are favourable and secure.

  • How long does the sale process take?

    A thorough sale process typically spans 6-12 months but can vary depending on preparation and market conditions. We start by understanding your business and its specifics well before a transaction is on the table, which can begin years in advance. This preparation allows us to manage due diligence smoothly, ensuring the process is neither rushed nor perceived as a distress sale.

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