Heligan Investments

We are a unique and innovative private equity investor, blending human intelligence with technological insight and financial expertise.

Our focus is on nurturing disruptive security technology businesses across our core sectors of National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety. We aim to connect and safeguard nation states and corporations worldwide through strategic investments.

Our strength lies in our diverse team - a combination of financial acumen, sector-specific technological expertise, and operational experience spanning law enforcement, military and intelligence sectors. This unique blend ensures not only exceptional investor returns but also a commitment to making the world a safer place.

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Investment capital for:

  • De-risking and cash-out strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Growth and innovation funding 
  • Strategic acquisitions 

We bring reassurance through:

  • Deep sector knowledge that informs every investment
  • A dedicated global network of sector experts
  • Unrivalled access to industry insights and opportunities

Our proprietary origination strategy aimed at partnering with ambitious founders developing disruptive technologies means greater financial outcomes. 

Our approach

From the outset, our focus is on understanding your ambitions and vision for value creation. We align our strategies to ensure that your goals are met, fostering a partnership that is rooted in collaboration and mutual success.

Our team comprises experienced investment professionals with deep sector-specific knowledge, enabling us to make insightful strategic contributions to your growth plans and business development. This expertise is essential for leveraging our extensive global network to open new markets and create customer relationships that support your expansion goals.

Our approach sets us apart from traditional mid-market private equity firms and builds stronger, more meaningful relationships with our portfolio companies. We go deeper, working closely with you to unlock potential and drive substantial growth.


Our portfolio

We focus our investments on security technology companies across the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors.

Enhancing global security

At Heligan Investments, our mission is clear: to create a safer world. We invest in pioneering security technology companies across the sectors of National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety, supporting ambitious businesses that aim to innovate and transform our global safety landscape.

Our values drive our operations and our commitments. With a strong adherence to both professional and personal ethics, we take pride in being the partner of choice for management teams that are poised for rapid growth and are in search of reliable, strategic institutional support.

  • Partner-led approach: We are committed to fostering sustainable growth through close partnerships.
  • Integrity and impact: Our work is guided by a deep commitment to integrity, teamwork, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations to positively influence the world.
  • Tailored solutions: We offer flexible and innovative strategies specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of shareholders, founders and management teams.
  • Commitment to excellence: Our ethos of continuous improvement is backed by a stellar track record, extensive sector expertise and a broad global network.

Responsible investing

Heligan Investments is committed to integrity and upholding the highest ethical standards. Our clear, strategic vision aligns with the core values our investors and portfolio companies expect, ensuring responsible and principled investing at every step.

Our team

We are an experienced team of investment professionals who work in partnership with the businesses we support to nurture and develop them. We see it as a privilege to be your trusted partner as we work together towards growth.


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