Investment Focus

Investment Focus


Heligan is a specialist investor across two key sectors: National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety markets (NSCPPS); and Science and Technology (ST).

We pride ourselves on our genuine sector knowledge with senior industry experts drawn from police, military and intelligence backgrounds. Our Partnership experience is supported by an expert advisory panel with reach into international governments and institutions to support our portfolio companies.

Primary focus on the UK and Western Europe

Companies with significant growth potential either organically or a platform to consolidate a market

We offer both minority and majority equity investments

Up to £20 million equity investment

Businesses which align with our values and contribute to society

Investing for growth

Our focus

Providing up to £20 million direct equity investment in on-sector companies to catalyse their growth.


Headquartered in Birmingham with further offices in London and Cheltenham.

Our strategy

Committed to building a portfolio of technology-focused growth companies across the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sector.

Investment criteria

Backing high-growth, revenue-generating businesses with motivated management teams to achieve their goals.